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About U.F.C.


The U.F.C. Brand

“Unidentified Flying Chickens” with three main playful characters from another planet, to serve the earthlings the best Korean fried chicken available in universe. We stay true to the mission of offering the best Korean fried chicken.

We promise, the “Taste is out of this world!”


Our Vision

To make U.F.C. a destination for delicious food using the absolute best and freshest natural, locally sourced, and organic ingredients from farmers and partners we trust, supporting our local merchants, and creating meaningful relationships with those loved one around us. We exist to create experiences where passion and purpose come together. When it comes to craft beer, we’re no bird brains! We serve the highest-rated, locally-sourced, domestic, and international craft beer in bottles and on draft. We carry more than 100 varieties of craft beer to satisfy everyone on or off this planet.


U.F.C. History

Piloted by Korean-American restaurateur, Young Jin, Unidentified Flying Chickens landed in Jackson Heights, New York in 2007. UFC immediately rocketed to success with rave reviews in The New York Times, New York Magazine and The New York Post. Young Jin helped thrust the Korean- fried chicken craze into orbit in a groundbreaking 2007 article in

The New York Times. We take pride in U.F.C.’s brand identity and are passionate about launching new opportunities

for further expansion.

Why U.F.C.


The experiences

“Chimek” which stand for fried chicken and beer in Korean, is the awesome combination of great fried chicken & beer. At U.F.C. we turn it up a notch with a delectable selection of Korean and American-influenced fusion cuisine and the best craft beer selections to match.  U.F.C.’s main product, fried chicken, is made to order using the unique double frying technique & brushed with in-house made sauces perfected by our founder, Young Jin. Our customers think the chicken is dipped in “crack”, because it’s so “addictive.”

Flexible Concept

U.F.C. offers a variety of dining experiences. Our licensees are offered a variety of revenue streams and have the flexibility to choose between four different concepts for their restaurant: Carryout and delivery, quick-service restaurant, casual sit-down, or sports bar. For added revenue and convenience, the licensees can also offer take-out and delivery services.


• Carry out & delivery only for smaller space or added option for existing restaurant or deli.

• Quick service restaurants for customers looking for express-style dining.

• Full-service casual restaurant with beer & wine, offering casual dining for family & friends.

• Sports bar & restaurant offering a full bar and televisions for broadcasting games.



U.F.C. licensees benefit through our friendly, honest and courteous professional help; which includes a four-week initial training at our headquarters in New York and an intensive on-site training during the store opening. Additionally, our licensees receive support for ongoing operations, quality assurance, public relations, and marketing.


The Goods

We are craft beer connoisseurs and have the best relationship with all the local beer distributors. We can get limited production beers and special allocations-products reserved for very few bar and restaurants in NYC. We love our planet earth and most of our U.F.C.’s branding is based on reclaimed wood décor & furnishings.


• The best part, no monthly loyalties. We believe, you should keep all your hard earned money. Instead of          typical franchise nickel & diming you, we give the licensees freedom to express their talents and limit

 corporate oversight on creative individuals.  Be truly your own boss with a help of friends at U.F.C. 


• True turnkey operation. We handle everything from beginning till the end. We take care of all planning,        construction, and training.









The following costs are excerpted from

U.F.C. License Disclosure Document

(LDD) and are estimated. Each U.F.C.

Licensee has the right to initially develop

one store for the licensing fee of

$15,000 (take out) or $20,000 (full service) .

The difference between low and high

investment levels exist due to labor, type,

location of the store, varying store sizes,

build out costs and expenses, and your

experience and management of the

development of the store.

The financial requirement to open a

U.F.C in the United States:


Investment Range:

$147,500 to $338,500

(Includes $15K-$20K license fee)


Minimum Net Worth (1 Store):



Minimum Liquidity (1 Store):



Royalty Fee:

0% of monthly gross sales

(Absolutely nothing! Keep all your hard earned $$$ )


Marketing Fee:

Actual cost of advertising fee paid directly by

licensee. Co-pay on a need basis.



The above costs are estimates only and will vary  by location. Additional development costs may be incurred depending on
Actual cost of build out and other unknown pre-condition

of the space being built.






What’s Next


Submit Application


1. Submit The Application. Once your application is received, you will receive more information about licensing at U.F.C.


2. Schedule an initial interview with U.F.C. licensing consultant. With your application reviewed by our team, you will be contacted directly by one of our licensing Consultants to schedule an initial call or in-person meeting at our NYC office.


3. Receive and review U.F.C.’s license disclosure document (LDD). If you would like to go forward with us, we will send you a copy of the License Disclosure Document (LDD). The LDD contains detailed information to licensing with us and also a copy of the license agreement you’ll be signing. During this stage, we strongly recommend you to thoroughly review the document with an attorney.


4. We verify your financial information. You will be required to submit a copy of your bank statements and & W-2 form or equivalent to show us you have enough funding.


5. Sign the License agreement and write us a check to start owning your very own U.F.C. Our journey to success begins!






Opening Timeline.



















Frequently Asked Questions      


Q: What about fees and royalties?

A: The only “fee” we require is our licensing fee, which is $15,000 for a take-out version and $20,000 for a full-service restaurant. It may be less than that if you are planning to open multiple locations. ZERO Royalties forever!!!!  You only pay annual renew of licensing fee on the third year of the initial signed license agreement date and thereafter.  ($2400/year or 3 additional years for $7000).       

Q: What is included in the license fee? What are we paying for?     

A: Licensing fee includes extensive training at our New York City headquarter and also on-site Training is included in the licensing fee. We also do planning of all the build out of the store from start to finish including signage, logos, design concepts, location scouting etc. Operations manuals for running a successful U.F.C. store, and detailed recipes manuals for all menu items, and comprehensive manuals for all kitchen and waitstaff. You are given a simple menu that allows you the flexibility to add your own menu items. We also assist in developing and implementing local advertising and promotional programs. We also offer wholesale printing pricing as well.


Q: Who does the build out?

A: U.F.C. is a true turn-key licensing company; we take care of the entire headache associated with building out a new store, from permits to inspection & all the right kitchen equipment requirements. If you are a licensed contractor or wish to hire your own contractor, additional $25,000 is added to the licensing fee to cover the expenses of monitoring the build out from start to finish.


Q: How long is the training provided?

A: Training is provided at our New York City, Jackson Heights Flagship Store in dedicated training kitchen. Licensees will have to undergo four to six weeks of hands-on training following the guidance of our supervisors. After the training, and prior to the opening of the store, our supervisors will travel to your location, to give you on-site training. When the new store opens, our supervisors will provide guidance and supervision to ensure the proper flow of operations and management of the FOH & BOH (kitchen) of the restaurant.



Q: What happens if I plan on opening more than one store? 

A: Although we only offer Master License outside the US, we do still offer Area Development Contracts- anyone planning on opening more than 3+ locations will be offered an Area Development Plan, which may qualify you for a reduced licensing fee.


Q: What kind of chicken do you use, and where do I get it?

A: We use Smart Chicken Wings® — the best on the planet from Tecumseh Farms. They are the only chicken producer in the nation to offer chicken that is both certified organic and humane by Humane Farm Animal Care. Some areas have different chicken vendors and ‘brands,’ so we will provide you with a list of acceptable vendors

to choose from.


Q: Where do we purchase everything else?

A: Items such as sauce, frying equipment tools, takeout boxes and takeout bags, growler bottles are provided by U.F.C. HQ. Everything else is purchased locally, with the help of our friendly supervisor they will work alongside the licensee to help find the best quality products and best quality ingredients for your new U.F.C. store!


Q: Newbie to restaurant business

A: Experiences in any business or especially in food business obviously helps, but even without prior business experiences, we can help you become the best restaurateur. You are our new family member and we take good care our family at U.F.C.








Franchise Inquiry

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